CMC CH & 7.5 Mute button issue

Can’t get the mute button to work on instrument tracks. Works n audio tracks as expected but not on instrument tracks. Other buttons-solo, record, monitor all work fine - just not the mute.

Can anyone else confirm this?


Working fine here.

Works fine here too. I tested right now with an instrument track.

Are you using the most recent drivers?

I think, on reflection, there may indeed be an issue when one initially creates an instrument track (don’t remember if this was with track or rack) - afterwards the issue resolves. I believe this is discussed in a couple of other threads.

I’ve noticed in mixconsole (7.5) that mute doesn’t control all channels when they are linked, only the first. All other controls work simultaneously as expected.
Clicking any mute button onscreen of those of linked channels will make all linked channels mute / unmute as expected, but the mute button on cmc doesn’t do this. Not sure why. Any ideas ?