CMC-CH and the Freeze / UnFreeze Workflow

Can we please have an option in Cubase to “Remember last setting” for Freeze and Unfreeze so that the Freeze and UnFreeze dialog boxes do not show at all (when the option is checked in prefs).

Press the button and it just Freezes (per last settings).

Press the button and it just UnFreezes (per last settings).

Having to use the mouse / keyboard with the CMC-CH’s dedicated Freeze button is annoying for those of us who use the same settings for each channel, each time. For those that don’t, the option could be unchecked and it could continue to work as it does now.

Also, have that darn dialog box remember its last setting when it’s pops up, too. I would think even for those that want the dialog to always pop up.

This would be useful for even non-CMC users. And to clarify, this would not be a CMC feature, it would be a 100% Cubase feature that would just happen to work well with surface controller workflows.

Please throw us a bone while we wait for batch Freeze / UnFreeze. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening.