CMC CH basically useless (well, for me)

Hi, I bought the CMC CH with great hope, only to find out that it’s basically unusable for me. For this reason:

When I go to a midi track with a virtual instrument on it, the Fader shows 0. Because it shows (and controls) the MIDI volume, not the audio fader volume.

Why on earth should I use midi volume, or be forced to using midi volume?

Please add new functionality to CMC CH. I know it cannot be difficult.



This is such a PITA!!

SteinAHA abandoned it’s user base BIGTIME by discontinuing support for these.

Excuse me if this is a dumb answer, but why not load up your virtual instrument by right clicking and using “Add Instrument Track”?
Then you only have one virtual instrument track controlled by the slider. You’ll only have MIDI info there, but you can freeze it to audio whenever you want.

But I don’t know your workflow.

If it really doesn’t work I would sell it and look into the iOS app Cubase IC Pro, which might help you.

In CH the fader control what is selected ! so if you, like Mittacious tell, create an instrument track, and select it, the fader will control the audio volume of the instrument (as it’s an instrument track, there is no Midi fader with it) !.
If your workflow use only Midi track (like Kontakt) or the Midi Racks in Cubase, well yes there is an issue. i have them all except the Ai one, and i love these stuffs very very much ! Give it a chance !