CMC-ch controller installation problems

Have bought and registered Cubase 7 with added on deal of CMC-ch controller.

I am absolutely exhausted of ideas to install the CMC controller driver/software.

It just wont install.

Yamaha driver installs however when time for CMC application software/drivers it installs to a point then stops, rolls back, then dialog box “error 1402. Could not open key: bladeeeblah numerics. Verify you have sufficient access to that key,”

Have done full admin hoops…Right click PC stuff to run as admin, go through dedicated administration account…with device connected/unconnected,(depending on which installation PDF read). Plus device directly connected in, instead of active hub…

Even Cubase support taking longer to contact me to give ideas… think I typed for google search a thousand times thus far; think it time for an intervention; just cant solve myself :slight_smile:

Any one have same problem?

Any solved?

Am using Win 7 64 bit running Cubase 7 32 and 64 in parallel.


So I guess I’m the only one with this problem?

have you downloaded the latest tools and firmware from the web site ?

Thanx G-string, Finally solved… Was an Microsoft issue. The dialog box for “error 1402” has numericals, those numericals are basically H-keys. Got down to that level and had to change the permission for that file.

Anyway, havent done firmware update as of yet, but I will