CMC-CH fader does CC7..but not CC7..

I’ve searched up and down this forum and I haven’t found my exact answer so I’m going to make a post… if there’s a post out there that answers it, I’m sorry and please post a link…

So I JUST got the CMC-CH… All I wanted was to have a bigger fader for midi volume rides rather than my 2 inch fader on my midi keyboard controller (hurts the wrist these days…) Plus it gives great functionality with all the other buttons in the channel strip! Sweet!

It’s all working great except the fader, when on a midi channel, affects the Midi Fader… not the CC7 information that would normally show up in the piano roll. My midi keyboard volume fader puts out CC7 and records it in midi part.

So I did some digging, and oddly found that the CMC-CH is indeed spitting out CC7 (i input a midi input thingy that shows you what messages are being sent) however, it seems like it wants me to put it into WRITE automation for it to respond… and then I have to open up the automation lane, blah blah…

My first question is - how do I get it so that it spits out ACTUAL CC7 and puts it into the piano roll? I did CC Automation setup and set CC7 as Midi part… but no dice.

Second question is: Why are these separate things? Why is there a midi volume CC7 and then another Midi Volume CC7 that needs it’s own automation lane?!? i’d be okay with using either, but right now i’m confused as to why they are separate? There MUST be a reason…

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

My first reaction is that this should indeed have worked :confused: . (You did set this in the “Record Destination” column?)

hmmm… aha! :bulb: … Maybe this fader is also being sent into the Generic Remote Device (Devices menu>Device Setup>Remote Devices>Generic Remote)? If so, either change its input to “Not Connected”, or locate the offending line in the Generic Remote, and change it to something else.

Second question is: Why are these separate things? Why is there a midi volume CC7 and then another Midi Volume CC7 that needs it’s own automation lane?!? i’d be okay with using either, but right now i’m confused as to why they are separate?

They are not separate things… it is just two different methods of making use of the same thing :wink:
CC#7 (or any other CC#, for that matter :wink: ) can either be recorded as MIDI data into a MIDI Part, or written as Automation data on an Automation Lane in the Project window. But, as you have noticed, when CC#7 is used as automation, it also moves the MIDI fader in the Mixer. This is so that the behavior is consistent with writing a volume automation lane for an Audio track.

Thanks for the reply!! I left the studio for the day, but tomorrow i’ll quadruple check that I set everything… perhaps if I restart things it’ll all magically work! haha. (wouldn’t be the first time)

Ahhhh okay that makes sense… I was thinking something was broke on my setup since they weren’t one in the same… all good now that I understand. Although, is there an advantage to using one over the other? Better workflow? Curious on your thoughts.

Thanks again!

It’s purely subjective, depends on how you like to work. How would you normally insert CC#7 data if you didn’t have your external fader?.. Would you use your mouse on the MIDI fader on the mixer, or draw a CC# curve inside the Part Editor?
Personally, I am very “old school” :wink:, so I prefer to do all my MIDI CC#s inside the MIDI editors, but there really is no right way or wrong way :wink:.

But, please don’t forget to check your Generic Remote Device (the more I think about this, the more I think that this is likely to be the source of the problem).

Yes I think i’m “old school” as well in that I like to edit everything in the midi editor. I can see how if you’re use to doing automation with Audio and you use midi sparingly it would be nice to have it be the same… but I do 90% midi work (composing) so I think the midi part is easiest.

HOWEVER, i guess I have discovered a bug… The entire “CC Assign” function on my Cubase doesn’t work at all… no matter what midi CC I choose, it just goes to where it wants to go. As in, I tell pan to go into Midi part, and it goes into Automation lane. I tell modulation to go to Automation lane, and it stays in Midi part. Nothing I do makes any difference.

I tried to make a generic remote from it too, and that caused all sorts of weird things to happen… so I reverted back to the default Steinberg CMC-CH default remote control.

I am still on 7.5 at the moment. I’m right in the middle of upgrading my studio and I will soon join the 8 Pro club. I hope it’s fixed on version 8.

These kinds of things are irritating… when you buy things because it’s advertised one way, then when you get it and start using it, it doesn’t work the way it says it should… ugh…

Are you on 8? And do you have a CMC-CH? And are you getting it to go in the midi part?

Yes I’m on Cubase 8.0.10, but I don’t have a CMC-CH. I have a Korg NanoKontrol, plus the faders/buttons and pedals on my master keyboard (Elka MK88 mkII).
Have tried setting the Input of the Generic Remote to “Not Connected” yet (to see if that is where the conflict is happening?)

Thanks for all your help vic_france!

I’ll get 8 up and running and see if it solves the issue. I think the main issue is that the CC Assign Setup isn’t working properly on my rig… in fact, it’s not working at all… so I think if it would just work properly, i’d be good to go!

I’ll try the “not connected” thing… although the generic remote thing is kinda funky with the CMC-CH… when I do “Learn” it thinks the fader is a Note On… funny enough it actually plays a note on the midi instrument… very odd…

Anyways… fingers crossed for 8… :slight_smile:

thanks again!