CMC-CH global bypass not working on 8.5.1 Pro


I am running the latest Cubase PRO 8.5.1 64bit with several cmc controllers.
The only problem i have is with the CH controller,global bypass(shift+insert/eq/sends) doesnt work at all.
Nothing happens.
All controllers have the latest drivers and firmware updates.
My OS is Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.
Can someone confirm these issues?

I have the same specs and can confirm that the buttons in question work as they should on any audio track. I’m confused however by your reference to “global”. These command buttons affect the selected 'CH’annel only and are not forseen with Shift functions. You could assign new key-commands for these global bypass commands to the F4,6,8 user commands of the CMC-CH and they would be activated by pressing the shift and the button to the left of the intended button (the commands are in the mixer category). That’s about the closest you’d get.

This is Steinberg`s official video representation with Greg Ondo.
Set it to 2:10.
You can clearly see he uses the shift key to globally bypass(eq,inserts,sends).
I know i can set other f buttons for that,but it would be very handy to use it they way Greg does.
Otherwise i love this thing.

It would be nice and logical I admit, but there is no mention of this in the Operation Manual for the CMCs.

Greg appears to be running Cubase 6, which is what I was running when I first got the CMCs and can’t say I ever remember seeing this particular function, but it may indeed have worked back then.

Did it ever work for you?

For me it’s the lack of a Listen control which I find more useful than solo - but I believe that function was introduced into Cubase after these controllers were designed; again I could assign an F command to one of the other buttons, but the key indicator will not latch as it does for the other dedicated functions (M,S,R,W…)

Yea, the global bypass option is not in the manual, i noticed that yesterday.
I bought this thing a week ago.
I love it though.