CMC-CH or FD controlling Stereo Out on Mixer

I am new to the CMC system but have found one early issue. Is there away to get the CMC-CH or even the FD to control the Main Stereo Out on the mixer. When you scroll with the CH with the > function, the individual input channel strips are chosen but I cannot get the the CH to control the main output so I have to resort to the old mouse to get this done. Is there some othere CMC module that will allow control of the Main Out?

The AI Knob should do that. You’ll still have to move your mouse over it once.
But then you’re able to lock the parameter.

How about adding one final group channel to your project so it sits farthest do the right in the mixer. Route everything to this group and the group output alone goes into the stereo output. Now you can controll the sum of everything with the FD when you bank select all the way to the right.
Just a workaround, though. Not the real thing. One of quite a number shortcomings. by design? lack of testing? Well…

No1DaBeats correctly reported that the AI knob can control the main mix level, you do not need to have your mouse over the control however, the AI controller has a dedicated Vol mode which allows control of the main mix irrespective of the mouse. :wink: