CMC controller addressing control room function

Hi steinberg support team

CMC controller addressing control room function wood be nice. /talkback microphone/talkback on,off/A,B,C,D speaker selection /master volume/headphone volume

I agree… Missed this one

I think it would be very handy as well.

However, I can also see the business sense NOT to develop it.

  1. Only available for Cubase 6 (full) users
  2. Not every Cubase 6 (full) user uses control room

Unlike the rest of the CMC line (which are good for all Cubase versions).

Limited market.

No answer from Steinberg?

I don’t agree with Shinta…
I think it could be a great “motivating” tool…to upgrade to Cubase6/Nuendo5.
I would buy it immediately.
Too many functions on CR Mixer…it’s very frustrating to use only the mouse!

Can’t you assign one of the function buttons to be talkback?


As per this thread (which I found after my April 16th post):
They already have a dedicated control room CMC on their feature request list.

However, CinStudios is right, the other CMCs can be made to control the control room.

The AI knob (in the latest update) in volume mode controls the control room fader (when the control room is active).
There are several control room functions that can be assigned to the user commands (for each unit, however I don’t believe that you can do anything channel specific [such as activating click on Studio Send 1]).
The CMC-PD can be set up to control 240 (16 pads x 15banks) button elements with a generic remote (however, it looses it’s functionality as a note input device).
And someone else on this forum suggested a combination of the CMC-QC in MIDI mode and a generic remote to control the studio sends level (and I believe could also be applied to the other control room faders).

So Steinberg knows we want one.

but where are the fader volume of studio send in generic remote ?
I talk about the 4 fader & Power/Pre in channel track (audio/instrument…)

Device = VST Control Room
Channel/Category = Name of Studio Send
Value/Action = Volume

However, the studio sends have to be set up before you can select them in the generic remote.

Not the control room section but the fader & power/pre button in the track section of the mixer !

The Studio send on the selected channels seems not to be selectable in the generic remote editor :frowning:

Correct. It’s not there. It’s a glaring omission that really needs to be fixed. I raised this issue when the Control Room was first introduced but so far, nothing from the devs. Fortunately I have an MCU Pro that does allow for tactile control of studio sends.


Yes Mackie Control is the only way… Shift+SendsButton->Studio Sends of the Selected Channel