CMC controllers just won't work with Cubase

Hi all,

I have a client who has all of the CMC controllers, and none of them work
on windows. I’ve made sure that he has the latest MIDI drivers for the
controllers, but the MIDI ports don’t declare in Cubase (in available MIDI ports, as they should as suggested by setup documentation), and when I try to
add the controllers from the device add menu, they are there, but they
don’t add to the devices. He’s on windows 7, and he initially had the
controllers on a hub, I got them directly connected and then installed the
drivers, but no luck. The CMC controller software sees the controllers when they’re plugged in - they respond, but Cubase just will not connect and talk to them. He’s used 6.5 and 7, this is a new windows 7 install. I do not believe that there are too many MIDI drivers installed on the machine (as has been suggested to me from others), so I’m not digging thru the registry to remove extra drivers.

I see no reason why this is not working - these controllers are made by steinberg, they should work with Cubase out of the box. My client’s pretty frustrated, since he bought six of these, and none of them will work.

If you have any ideas, I’d be open to them. I’m not sure if it’s a chipset
issue, or what not - he is on an HP machine, so I can’t see the reason for a USB chipset issue; firewire, yes, USB, no way.


Has your client opened a support ticket with Steinberg?

Do you see them in the Device Setup under Remote Devices?

Are the Active boxes checked in MIDI Port Setup?

Yes, it’s pretty frustrating sometimes… I initially tried to update my 8 CMC units while having them all connected to a HUB and i were stupid not to use my brain but it makes perfect sense to put each CMC directly into a USB port in the Computer prior to updating.

Is it Win 7 - 32 or 64-bit?

Have you had the units working at all or is it a first time install? Did you install all drivers, the audiodrivers as well?
Did you install the drivers and such with Admin rights? Sometimes if one forgets to use admin rights prior to installing software and /or drivers they might not register correctly

After the second time updating the units: Did you connect them one by one when starting Cubase? ( for example One CMC-XX only and then starting Cubase ) or did you re-connect them to the HUB? Does your HUB use external power? If you see all units installed in Windows hardwaremanager they should work in Cubase.

Hope you get it to work

EDIT: There are issues with the CMC’s in C7 but should all be fine in C6.5.

I am having the same problem.
I have just bought Cubase 7 & the CMC-CH. These have both been registered on my new Steinberg account.

I am running Windows 7 64Bit, with Cubase 64Bit installed.
For some reason I cant get my CH controller to work.
I have run the setup for 64Bit from the CMC Tools disk installing the drivers etc and I get told “installation sucessfull”. The unit does come on and is responsive to touch etc. However Cubase does not seem to pick it up.

I have gone to “Device Setup”>Remote setup, but it still reads nothing. I click on the +sign to add device, a drop down list appears and I can see the CMC-CH - so I click on it and nothing. From what the manual shows me, it should appears under remote devices and then I can enable it from there.
I have logged onto the Steinberg site and even downloaded an updated driver still with no luck.