CMC Controllers still working with 10?

Hi can someone please confirm that Steinberg is looking after their customers that purchased CMC controllers and they still work ok in C10?

many thanks


They work like a dream, all 9 of them (4xFD, PD, QC, CH, TP & AI). They still have their own little menu in the studio main menu.

I have the CMC-QC. Works fine. I don’t think you have to worry about Steinberg removing support for their own controllers even if they don’t sell them anymore. Looking at the list of out-of-the-box supported hardware controllers in Cubase, there’s a lot of depreciated hardware in there.

They are not really supported, they are mainatained to work as they did.

Thank you all this is great news i hope Steinberg continues to support their own products.

i have been stuck with a few unsupported Steinberg products over the years and the betrayal still stings. Hopefully a page has been turned. :slight_smile:

All the CMC’s in my sig still function but they have stopped all development of the CMC line. So while yes, they are “supported”, all the issues and requests for additional functionality has ceased.

CMC-CH here, it works without issues. Just for one more confirmation.