CMC EQ - work with external hosts?

Hi - I use Vienna Ensemble with Cubase 6, and within Vienna Ensemble, I run things like SSL EQ. I’d love to be able to use the CMC EQ controller with the SSL eq being used on tracks in the Vienna Ensemble host. Is this possible?

Hello Mpower,

We did not test it, but perhaps you can have a look at this link and have a look in the VSL documentation if you can use MIDI CC’s



Some people have programmed the Behringer BCR2000 to control 3rd party insert plug-ins in specific slots (i.e. always the same plug in the same slot, in which case the BCR controls them without problem using generic remote) and using different “pages” or whatever they’re called (Generic Remote).

Can this device do the same thing or better? Or perhaps phrased a bit better:

Is there a way to set up this controller so that specific knobs on it always control the same parameters of a chosen plugin, and one is able to switch between plugins at will without the need to reprogram the controller everytime one switches?


Never mind. Just bought a Behringer… continue to your regular programming: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz