cmc fd act as Mackie Hui controller?


The FD would be a real winner to me if it shows up in other DAW’s as well via Mackie HUI.
On this site the Steinberg guy tell’s that it’s based on Mackie HUI.
Is this correct?

Check out the video:


So, does anyone already used the faders?
How are they?
And do they work in other DAW’s?

Hi Tom,

Yes, you can use it on other DAW’s as well via the Mackie protocol. :slight_smile:


Maybe Mackie protocol could be mentioned on the product page, because hardly anybody knows this.
I know that a lot of people who preferably work on Cubase do have a copy of Protools for compatiblity reasons.
A One Controller Fits All would make everything a little easier!

Do you have some more info about the other controllers as well?
We know QC and PD are general MIDI.
CH could support HUI emulation?
TP could support MMC?


Hello everybody
I’ve just tested the CMC FD.

  • it doesn’t work in protools with HUI mode
  • it works in ableton live using “mackiecontrol” or “mackiecontrol classic” protocol
    the faders are ok … not great … and certainly not like a real fader sensation
    but it’s still really nice to use the cmc with a laptop when you don’t have you control surface with you.
    maybe someone will find a solution for protools
    it would be great

Can you use multiple units in Mackie HUI mode. Is it actually Mackie HUI or Mackie Control Universal Protocol?

Why? Well…

If you set one real hardware control surface that uses ‘Mackie Control Universal’ and other one (whether it is real or on an ipad or phone or whatever, or possibly this Steinberg CMC-FD if it is possible) to ‘Mackie HUI’ they will mirror each other instead of adding additional fader banks. So…

If you can add multiple Steinberg CMC-FD units in Mackie HUI mode, you will get a nice meter bridge for your real control surface without it stealing the channels off your real control surface.

What I am trying to work out exactly:
Can Steinberg CMC-FD work with a real Mackie Controller?
Can it mirror the channels of a real mackie controller instead of stealing them?

Also my CMC-TP doesn’t work in protools with HUI mode… no solution?

Hello Gregsum,

I’ve just bought 2 of the faders to use with Live, but I cannot get them to work. I’ve installed the Tools for CMC - with the Yamaha USB to Midi drivers and I’ve tried selecting both MackieControl and MackieControl Classic as a control surface in Ableton, but the FD’s do not respond to my actions. The Input and Output fields next to the selected Control Surface in the Midi Sync prefs are not available.

Also when activating the Midi Map mode, I cannot assign the faders manually to the faders in Ableton.

Am I missing something? Do I have to install specific MackieControl drivers?

Hope you can help me by telling me how you got them to work in Ableton!

best regards,


Nevermind,I had to restart my Mac, then I could configure the Yamaha usb to midi device via system prefs and after that, Ableton found them and they work!

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