CMC FD CC implementation

PLEASE make the CMC-FD freely MIDI CC programable and I fall on my knees in front of you and cry like a baby!!! :laughing:

FINALLY a small and cool looking fader controller to assign various modulations to and not having to buy a to big unit where you only need maybe 4 of the faders and the rest is just dust catcher!!

And a table frame to host just ONE CMC unit beside a CC121 would be great!!

Another big plus for this feature, and also, if you wish to spoil us a little more, some kind of cc implementation in the track module fader!!!

  • 1,000,000,000 on this!!!

It would be a perfect replacement for my dilapidated JL Cooper Fadermaster, and would beat my TouchOSC iPad setup where it’s difficult to stay in the confines of the fader lane since there is no physical constriction like the FD has.

Pretty please?!!??!

Everybody who for example works with virtual instruments (in my Case a lot of Orchestral Libraries but also Kontakt Based Sampe Libraries) - relys more on CC 11 & CC 1 or other CC`s to change the timbre and volume of a virtual Instrument than on any other controller (including the CC7 Volume Control). I can not understand how such a smart software / hardware company like steinberg/yamaha did not think about a smart software solution to use the CMC FD for controlling CCs.

I think another workaround because of the current Cubase Structure would be to allow the CMC FD to be used for controlling “Quick Controls” (does it have this feature already??? ) This would only be a workaround, because the user could setup the Quick Controls to be used for a desired Midi CC as a source.

If its not too difficult to implement, there would be much more buyers I guess, because this CMC FD would then not only be aimed at Mixing Engineers in Cubase - but also at Composers. Being currently able to use only the CMC QC for this purpose is like having to use only the CMC QC as an option for controlling the Volume Faders. This is not really a convenient solution.

Please understand, that it is not something luxurious, it is something really basic we desire - because working with virtual Instruments (in my Case Orchestral Libraries) requires us to find convenient ways to control these Midi CCs we all have our fingertips on every second while writing music…

Just my 2 Cents,
Cheers, lokotus

+100000 from me, too!!

Would be great for CC automation!! Why did Steinberg not include this?!?!

Can anyone think of a workaround?? Some third party plugin or any other way to transform incoming Audio automation data to MIDI CC data??

Alright guys, I found a solution!!!

First of all, you need 4 empty MIDI tracks. Set input to “None”, set output to any physical MIDI output (let’s say, “Out A”). Then route a MIDI cable from your physical output A to any physical MIDI input (let’s say, “In B”). Channel numbers for these four tracks from 1 to 4.

Now, activate the Input Transformer, NOT in these first “dummy” MIDI tracks, but in any other, “real” MIDI tracks (that contain your music). Use global mode. Use these settings:

Module 1, top part:
Type equals Controller and
Value 1 (MIDI Controller Number) equals 7 (CMC-FD sends CC7 data all the time) and
Channel (MIDI Controller Channel) equals 1

bottom part:
Value 1 fixed value to CC1 (or whatever CC you want to access by your first CMC-FD fader)

Then do the same with Module 2, but change the Channel value in the top part to 2 and change Value 1 in the bottom part for the respective CC you want to access by fader 2.

Same for Modules 3 and 4.

Now for all your “actual” MIDI channels that contain your music,

  • make sure you activate the Input Transformer for ALL of them,
  • make sure the input is set to “All MIDI inputs”,
  • make sure (obviously) the output is NOT set to “Out A”, or you will get a MIDI feedback.

VOILA! :slight_smile:

Yeah this thing needs MIDI CC capability! Or alternatively if you made it so automation showed in the editor view, and could control CCs that would work too. Sounds like an interesting product though.

All my (two) thumbs up for this as well. As a composer, this is absolutely essential and would make a great tool with reasonable and handy hardware. I think I do not only speak for myself – even at our studio you would sell 3 of CMC FD’s right away just by allowing us to comfortably control CC data over it.

Has anyone found a solution, or a workaround for this? Im using a keyboard without mod wheel, and it would be great if we could assign the CMC-FD to control CC1 (Modulation)



The device was discontinued long ago, certainly they will not be adding features to the implementation.

Of course, you can use a 3rd party utility to convert its messages. The CMC-FD sends pitchbend, and each fader sends on its own channel so it’s easily identifiable.

I use Bome Midi Transformer to turn two CMC-FDs and a CMC-TP into custom controllers.

MIDI-OX can also do the job.

Thx. Will give it a go !

One gotcha you will find is that Cubase will insist on connecting to the devices- so I would just turn them on after Cubase was running. Then, USB devices became hot-swappable, so now I just remove the CMC devices in Device setup after starting Cubase.

Those sliders are so nice to use to control stuff.

Hey steve ! i’m i now a very happy owner of 2xFD, one CH, one QC and one PD and TP (took me 1 year to find a TP lol !)

what i’m searching is a way to control the Master / stereo out of cubase (so i can use the QC to do it or the CH fader ! i now use them without Midi translator, so in “full CMC cubase mode”.
where is the Stereo OUT fader in the list of shorcuts assignable ? i can’t find it. i find all the faders, except this one ! Help :slight_smile: !

i have an another issue. i put the TWO FD on a hub usb with switch ON/OFF so i can turn on and off when i need. unfortunatly, even by turning them on BEFORE the launch of cubase, FD one control fader 5 6 7 8 and FD 2 control fader 1 2 3 4 !! so you would tell “well switch them physically” that’s what i did, but it doesn’t fix the issue. sometimes, they don’t keep their order ! i don’t know if it’s a usb issue or an issue related to the Hub ? any idea ? Thx !

Create a Generic Remote for the QC in MIDI mode. The main outs are in VST Mixer, or Control Room if you use that.

There’s no workaround for the other problem that I know of.

1 - ok i just saw the issue of doing a generic remote for the QC in cubase (i didn’t tried it yet).
if i do it, i’ll lost all the preprogrammed feature of the QC right ? as the QC editor (which setup the button in Midi mode) only deal with Control change.
if i’m right, maybe there is a way when cubase start (by editing the default project ?) by setting this up from the start (but how ?) a way where CC numer X controled by the button 1 in Midi mode will control the main out ? or is it possible to have the QC working like a CMC-QC in cubase normally and in the Midi mode, adding the generic remote to alredy there factory feature of the QC ?
not sure if i explained it well, more easier to tell in french than in english. sorry !

2 - so it’s an issue which happened to you too ? for now i use only one FD, the second became useless when this issue happen. or maybe if i let it turned on all the time it will solve the issue ? in case, i’ll let the two FD turned on all the time in USB even when the computer is off, and i’ll turn of all the others. not great but better than nothing… or maybe there is a way to have the computer to shut down completly the USB port when he’s turned off ?

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:. man i love so much these little controlers i don’t know yet if the Ai would be useful for me. i didn’t whatched yet what it is for.

i have an hearing healt issue which forbidd me to use a lot of things (electric gear which make electric noise even at a very very high frequency, so No LCD, LED screen (still use CRT :frowning: some of the cubase menu or feature are not accessible anymore already :frowning: ), Smartphones, Wifi/blutooth etc…) so can’t buy a tablet or anything else to control cubase, and these little CMC are amazing and don’t give me headache and issue with my ears. i love them so much ! fortunatly they are working and sending midi message even out of cubase, so if one day cubase stop to use them, there will still be some solutions (like Bome, etc…) to continue to use them.

Only the single knob you assign to the master volume will be blocked.

You have an amazing story! Yes, the CMCs are unique in their simplicity and function, very well thought out. And even better with Bome, as we discussed in that other thread!


Ahah Thanks ! yeah unusual story lol. a nightmare in fact lol…

“hey steinberg, your gear is HEALTY PROOF for disabled person !! you must be proud instead of stopping supporting these amazing gear ! ahaha”

i bought recently an *rig K**s I/O 49 and it killed my hearing (don’t know if a noise issue comme from the screen or the power supply internal to the keyboard (as it’s powered by USB) and the key action is horrible hurting my hands (i’m an ex professional pianist but I hurted my both hands so can’t use anymore some kind of action more than few minutes… hard to beleive that the action was hurting me more than my modified U1 (upright piano lol).

so I bought an iRig Keys 37 Pro, and it’s perfect. no issues at all. the only one, i’m missing one octave. 3 octaves is a nightmare. 4 is the minimum.
but after trying already 3 keyboards which had issue, i’m tired so i stopped to search. wanted to try the korg taktil and the yamaha MX49 but i’m afraid to have with them the same kind of issues. i would k*ll to have just one octave added here. ahah.

Sorry i’m out of subject, but sometimes making music , “just making” is not that easy lol !