CMC FD Controllers - Is there a limit?

I have 4 FD controllers, all updated to the latest firmware running on OS X v10.10.5. The OS sees them fine (all show up as midi devices). I am able to use the all 4 FD’s at the same time in other DAWs. My problem is with Cubase 8 … it only detects 2 of the 4 FD controllers. If I try to manually add another FD it does nothing. It seems either there is a limit on how many FD controllers are supported in Cubase 8 or I’m missing something. Any ideas?


see this article, please:

The modular approach of the CMC series allows you to combine up to four CMC-FD units to build a sixteen-channel touch control device with integrated LED meters.


I tested it right now, and it works as expected with 3 and 4 CMC FD units, to me (Mac OS X 10.10; Cubase 8.0.30). All of them are available in Cubase.

Thanks. It seems to work now … I didn’t do anything different so don’t know root cause.