Cmc FD faders to control 4 folders?

Hi anyone got an idea how to set up the FD fader to control drums, bass, keys and vox

I want to perhaps group the 4 or put in folder so I can quickly drop volumes etc on any group.

If you create 4 group tracks and route each track to their respective group instead of to the main output then you’ve got 4 group faders to play around with :slight_smile:

Cool i will give this a try tonight. I hoped it would be something simple like that :slight_smile:

Nope, never got this working. I can add tracks to folder and thought i had to go to the mixer and group tracks but cant figure it out.

I want the four fader to only control 4 groups or folders master volume. They must remain controlling these no matter which track I am on. Any bright ideas or pointers to any you tube or other tutorials that cover similar?

Folders tracks just have a visual function, they have no audio going through them hence no fader to control the tracks it contains. You’ll need to use Group tracks for that purpose.

So your problem is that the faders on the FD follow whichever track you select instead of staying assigned to the 4 group tracks? I don’t own a FD so I don’t know if you can lock the faders to a specific track. If not, you could create a keyboard shortcut that selects the first of the 4 group tracks, so whenever you press it your FD unit controls all 4 tracks until you select a different track.

Hi all, i never resolved this one. Does anyone else have any suggestions?