CMC-FD issue : can't add device in Mac Monterey

UPDATE: Partially solved

I’ve recently purchased four (4) CMC FD controllers and am unable to add the devices to the studio setup. I’m running Cubase 12 pro on MacOs Monterey. When i select the Steinberg CMC-FD from the drop down menu nothing happens. I’m currently trying to add only one of the devices connected directly to the computer via USB.

Please help!

So I’ve been able to get all my CMC-FDs to run in Cubase. I had to unplug almost every other usb device from my mac though. I’ve just ordered a powered usb hub since the one I have is clearly not outputing enough to run all four units.
A new issue has occured though : when trying to map the bank select buttons, I’m able to map the function, but in practice the button doesn’t do anything. Is there any way to upload a mapping template for the CMC or something?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Steinberg CMC FD supports macOS 10.8 - 10.10 and Intel Macs only.

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