CMC-FD USB distance range?

I’ve been searching for simple options to replace my big, old Houston midi-controller. All I really need are some faders for automation and the CMC-FD looks like a good possibility, but am concerned about how long a cable run I can go with it. My studio computer is a good 15’ away (in the next room) from my mix position. I assume you can’t just plug this into the keyboard USB input? Any tech specs on this or experience with distances?

You could plug it into the keyboard yes, but a better idea, especially if you will be running more than 1 unit (=4 faders), up to a maximum of 4 FD units, would be to use a powered hub which can be on a longer cable. Plugging a hub into the keyboard might also work, I have my units on a daisychained hub. The supplied cables are only @ 1.2 meters long. Installing the SW and ugrading the firmware however should be performed plugged directly into your Comp. with no other units attached. Afterwards, you can move it to the hub.

I finally purchased the FD and discovered that it needs to be connected into the powered hub directly to get the power it needs over that distance. It doesn’t work for me going through the keyboard. I just ordered a second FD and the CH. We’ll see if they all connect and are consistent project to project…