I’m looking into making my own CMC Frame, partly because of the cost but mostly because I want a different setup.
I want the frame to fit four CMC’s + my PowerMate and a hub. I could experiment a bit on my own trying different settings, but it would really help if someone posted the specs for the CMC Studio Frame to get me going. What I essentially want is the measurements of the slots and the left and right sides of the frame.

The frame is actually relatively complicated because there are beveled insets for the units plus faceplates which fit over top of each unit. At the bottom of this url ( ) you can see a couple of photos (fwiw). I can measure some of the dimensions for you if you wish. Please let me know.

Thank you for your post. Wasn’t sure anyone would answer :slight_smile:
Yes, it seems quite complicated, I want to keep mine much simpler.
I’m interested in the measurements for the beveled insets (height, width and depth) and one of the short sides of the frame so I can get an angle approximation of the fitted CMC’s.

Ah, now I see, hadn’t seen this YouTube video before:

So there aren’t really any “slots” just a big hole and a few supporting ridges and a big supporting plate.

If you could provide me with the measurements for the big hole, the supporting plate (and it’s distance from the front opening) as well as one of the short sides that would be enough.

Sure, I will take these measurements today and post them.

Highly appreciated!

Pleasure… Below are the requested dimensions:

Front height: 1”
Back Height: 3”
Bezel depth to top surface: 1” Note: there are cutouts for the four CMC ‘feet’ extrusions on the bezel platform
Cutout width: 17 5/8”
Cutout height: 7 ½ “

Hope this helps

Why not just take measurements of the CMC unit and design your own frame accordingly - it’s not rocket science.

Here’s what I built. It’s an Avid Artist MC Control flanked by 4 CMCs. Works great.

CMC DIY Frame.pdf (213 KB)

Lovely work Rich, very nice!


I didn’t have them at the time I asked about the frame.
Now that I have tested them a bit I’m less convinced that I want a 4 CMC frame. I find that the optimal setup for my needs is to have two at each side of the keyboard. Unsure if I will take the time and make two frames or if I will just live with the cable spaghetti. If I decide to make a frame I will post my results here.

@ Arlaharen,
Sorry, I just assumed if you were wanting to build a frame then you already had the units.

@ Rich,
Very nice! Just a tip: I noticed you have some labels on some of the units. I don’t know if you need to change these (particularly the PD), but you can use a drawing program (something which will allow you to draw to proper scale) to make an overlay which can be printed out on acetate (like overhead film) and cut out to perfectly fit over a given unit. It looks really great. :bulb:

I traced around them (tightly) and then got the router out and carved into a sheet of 17mm MDF. I also cut a groove for my trackball and mac keyboard. On the underside I made grooves for all the cables and then put felt underneath it so that it slides away on my desk. Very simple but effective - if you have a router :wink: