CMC Function Key Templates for your use

I’ve created CMC templates (close to actual size) for filling in Function Key Information. This is an Excel 2010 format. There is a template for each CMC unit except FD which has no Function Keys. Simply delete my function key info and type in your own. Maybe we can share approaches to using the function aspect of these great controllers.

Since Steinberg won’t allow excel files to upload, is there a place I can put the file? Let me know what you think.


I would like to see your template. Can you upload it to Dropbox or another similar site?

No, I don’t have any account with any of those kinds of sites, including facebook. I guess I’m looking for someone who will up load it for others to use. Maybe I should contact Steinberg directly?

I generally make my templates in Visio or a workalike software.

Just a tip you might try, On the old forum, we used to use a little trick in order to include such files. Just change the ending from .xls or whatever to .jpg, then you can attach it to your post. Make sure you inform the reader that the attached jpg is actually an xls file and that they should change the ending to what is approprite after downloading.
Never tried it on this forum, but it might work. :wink:

Well I tried that & it won’t allow any extension i used. Funny how it can be challenging to do a good deed :confused:

If you zip it or rar it you can attach it.

I will contact you with a PM, so you can send it to me using an e-mail. I can upload it to to everyone else.

I sent the file to Makumbaria to upload. The original version was done in excel 2010 & V2 is a file conversion to the older excel format. Use should be straight forward, if not let me know.

CMC Templates V1 (excel 2010):

CMC Templates V2 (older format):

Thank you Electrow!