CMC joint plate?

Hi guys,

I recently picked up a couple of CMC controllers at a good price, I’m hoping they’ll help speed up workflow, but I guess I’ll have to spend some serious time getting to know them.

BTW I got the QC and FD controllers.

It’s such a small thing, but is there somewhere you can still pick up the little CMC joint plate? I’m guessing I might have to end up using blu-tak or gaffer tape, any ideas?

Also, I was really thinking about the CC121, can anyone recommend this unit? I currently have Cubase iC Pro for iPad, it works well but I do feel it’s a bit of a gimmick.

Kind regards,

George Wood

I can recommend the CC121, I use it all the time.
You’ll have to see for yourself if it’s still worthwhile to have one in combination with the CMC’s you have.

Many thanks,

Although I have the 2 CMC units, I still tend to revert back to my old keyboard shortcuts.

If I do see the CC121 at a good price I’m sure I’ll pull the trigger (probably sell the CMC units).

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