CMC key commands from C6 to C7

hi i have several CMC controllers that i have customised in C6. Now i install and load C7, and (i should have guessed)…CMC Key commands …gone. Why does everything have to be so hard with you Steinberg.

anyways i figured out after a long time how to import my general Cubase 6 Key commands into C7…basicially you cant do it via the Cubase Key Commands interface, because Cubase 6 only Saves key commands as xml files and will only load .key files (grrrr). why this is crippled like this i dont know. anyways you need to do a search into the hidden folders of Windows for the key file name that you saved in C6 and then figure out where C7 saves them by doing another search and then dragging and dropping the C6 key command file in amongst the C7 default ones and then rebooting C7 and then it shows up in the KEy commands list. phew.

anyways id like to try and do this for the CMC Function Key commands as well but it aint quite as easy…i fear it might be in the registry or somewhere? anyone found this?

many thanks,

gave up. took screenshots from C6. did it longhand. the ole fashioned way. moving on with my life.

just wish Steinberg would at least help themselves with their own mainstage new controllers to read previous data.