CMC LED Dimmer and C7

Hi There,
under C6.5 (and after firmware update) the LED dimming work fine. When I start C7 no dimming @ all. Start C6.5 back-lit of buttons is there again??

Any thoughts from Steinberg or will this be addressed with the upcoming update.


The backlighting dimmer option is working on my rig under Cubase 7. Does the CMC dimmer option appear in your C7 UI?

Dimming work a charm here too… the option should be avail in Devices / Steinberg CMC series.
Have you tried to re-install the drivers?

Just to mention, i have all my musicsoftware and all previous Cubase versions 6, 6.5 on a separate drive ( D:) i did a fresh install of Cubase 7 under WIndows 8 and installed the CMC drivers on top of the previous installation because no CMC were detected in C7. Just might do the trick for you to re-install the software.

when i installed c7 i had to reactive the cmc qc and then switch the led’s back on but since then it’s been find ,no real problem

same here, works fine other than it no longer turns off when I close Cubase. The knobs stay fully active. I have to hit a button to get it to turn off.