CMC no longer compatible with Mac OS Ventura

We are crying.
Why do we have to throw our precious CMC controllers in the trash?
Please, Steinberg, make us a gift…
maybe for christmas?


Same here. They are all still working flawlessly from the hardware side. Would be really sad if these could not be used anymore as there is no suitable replacement.

Come on, Steinberg. It could not be that hard to keep the software compatible with Ventura as it still works quite well on Monterey, at least on Intel-bases Macs. And the differences between Monterey and Ventura seem to be rather small looking around at other music-based plugins and software.

Steinberg still supports the CC121 which in fact is older than the CMC series.

Works great on my M1 on Ventura.


Install the CC121 midi driver. That is version 1.5.1 that’s a native version.And use the Tools old for the CMC than create your own scripts. It’s very easy

But I totally agree that this can be done! It’s a bloody shame that Steinberg doesn’t have script for them. It’s their own product!

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Great but can you be more specific about 'use the Tools old for the CMC than create your own scripts." I don’t understand what you are referring to and have a QC and CH dead in the water here on my M1 Mac.

Yes … perfectly good hardware in the trash AGAIN!

As much as I’d like to, I can’t see myself getting SB hardware again. I have other units, older than the CMC and the manufacturers provide drivers. Perhaps they write better software that’s easier to update? But whatever … Steinberg is Yamaha, and therefore a massive multinational corporation with plenty of resources to support driver updates.

I buy quite a bit of gear ( mainly for work ) and it can never be Yamaha or SB. The software support history is truly abysmal.

In terms of replacing the functionality of the CMC I’ve had luck using the Remote Device mapping feature of that latest Cubendo to leverage my Arturia controller which has plenty of knobs and Faders to control the Channel EQ/Transport/ View editors / Enable Solo,Mute, Automation etc … but not everything the CMC units I have did (Transport and QC ).


A few weeks ago I moved my whole setup to a M2 Max MacBook Pro (btw. the best computer I’ve had so far - lots of power and no fan noise at all).

What I have found out: Installing the old CMC tools and the newest MIDI driver from the CC121 software kit lets me use the CMC on Ventura in Cubase 12 like before. BUT: Only when using Cubase in Rosetta mode. As soon as I start Cubase native the CMC support vanishes.

Please Steinberg - could you please compile the CMC support extensions so that they are usable in native mode. As I’ve written before: It couldn’t be that hard. I am a software developer myself - and I have ported quite a few applications to Apple Silicon. For most of them it was simply a recompile.

It is simply a question of sustainability: I don’t want to throw away hardware that is perfectly fine just because of missing driver support.

And if Steinberg has no resources for this anymore then please make the software open source so that someone in the community with the required knowledge can port the driver kit.


You can’t use Tools, you must make your own scripts… Then I works flawlessly

I dare to say that it is not possible to rebuild the functionality of all CMC controllers with the new remote controller API at the moment. At least not with the visual feedback, customization etc. On the other hand, the effort should be relatively small to just recompile the existing extensions for a universal binary.

As I stated above: Everything is working flawlessly in Rosetta mode. So there is no functional change required to the software at all.

In the end, this is just the “Steinberg habit” of dropping support for legacy hardware. There are other manufacturers in the audio business that show way more support for the legacy products. Take RME for example. Their HDSPe AIO audio interface was introduced years before the CMC controller series. And you can still download up-to-date drivers for the interface - even a completely rebuild driver for the new macOS DriverKit environment. The latest update is just a few weeks old. Now that is legacy support.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not expecting Steinberg to develop new functions or even change the current driver to support something that has been added to Cubase in the last years. It’s totally fine that at some point there has to be a cut. But this is “simply” a recompilation for a new binary. In a best case scenario this can be done without any changes to the software at all.

And even if this “best case” is not possible: Make it open source and give the community a chance to fix it.


Please set up the scrub function with Steinberg’s new midi remote scripts, and report back. I doubt I will get a response.
There is no scrub functionally within the new MIDI Remote system.

I have a CMC TP, and this is a unique feature not available to midi controllers, and still not within the new scripts.

I was excited know Steinberg had opened up their system with the new scripting, and just as excited to replace the CMC (of course, considering obsolescence, and here we are with Ventura and Apple Silicon) with my Maschine controller…but disappointed to find there’s no way to implement the actual scrub function through their scripts. :frowning:
Not yet, anyway.

So, the CMC still offer functionality that no other third-party control can offer.

C’mon Steinberg! Compile the drivers, please.

I also sympathize with the unnecessary abandonment of hardware.

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Agreed… compile us a compatible driver for the CMC line please!

It’s not as if SB are selling a replacement… unlike the situation with the MR audio interfaces… which still sucks btw.

I blame Yamaha in all this. They make ‘great at the time’ tech but never support it very long. But the CMC’s are just USB … it can’t be that hard.

I suspect they just want then gone.

Another nine months gone by … and nothing has changed. Not even a single answer from Steinberg. This is so disappointing!

This leads to one conclusion, at least for me: Never buy any Steinberg or Yamaha hardware again.

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