CMC not added to remote device list in cubase


I have ran into trouble trying to install a brand new CMC-CH on Cubase. The unit installs ok (drivers + applications/CMC extension) and when I run Cubase, the CMC series appear in my remote devices list but nothing happens when i click on the CMC-CH in the list, i.e. the device does not get added. All other midi devices listed appart from any CMC series adds ok. The MIDI port for the CMC-CH is listed and can be selected in the routing options.

This make the controller unusable…anybody else had this problem during installation?


DAW: Win XP/SP3, 4GO RAM, no internet connection

I am still getting to know my CMC’s, but I’ll try to help.
Please clarify what you mean by “the List” is it Device Setup or Midi Device Manager.

My CMC’s are clearly displayed in the Devices List, and if I highlight one of them the User Commands list on the right is displayed for shortcuts. Make sure Midi Input and Midi Output above the User Commands list is set to STEINBERG CMC-CH-1 for both Midi In & Out.

Good luck