CMC not fully supported in Cubase 8 ??

Just updated to Cubase 8.0 and found that most of the CMC functions still work BUT NOT ALL !!!

For example, I use f3 on the CMC-CH to operate ‘inspector/toggle standard section’ so that I can open and close the top part of the channel inspector when necessary… and guess what…

What is the point in buying this stuff and placing it into your subconscious to increase workflow when doing so will make you slower in the long-run because you’ll be stuck with the habit of trying to use stuff they tricked you into buying. Same old tedious choice… stick with the buggy version or update to the new bugs.

Sorry to sound negative but just spent days trying to workaround a control room issue and upgraded to try and escape it. Tired and a bit fed-up.

Any idea when the money I paid for all 6 of these just as they (secretly) turned obsolete will be placed back in my account ?

It works for me, but only when the Arrange window has focus.
Could that be the issue?
Was that required in 7.5?

I just tested in 7.5 and it functions the exact same way: Arrange window needs focus.

May I humbly suggest, in good fairness, that you consider putting a [Solved] in front of the title. :slight_smile:

Let’s save our CMC abandonment anxiety wrath (for now) and hope that by the time our pitchforks and torches and sharpened and lit, we’ll be on Cubase Pro 22, where the preferred method of input is holographic gesture and thought-control. :laughing:

Given the ongoing battles we have with them, you reeeeally don’t want computers responding to what I’m thinking…

I haven’t update yet but I definitely will as soon I got the time.
Hopeful perhaps this Sunday. I’m really amazed what Steinberg has added to Cubase PRO 8.

Anyhow I have a question about the CMC Series. I have all six controllers and I wonder if CMC “lights” work in Cubase PRO 8 too? I heard that VCA faders doesn’t work and get recognized with CMC FD and SSL Nucleus. I bet Steinberg fix that, not directly a show stopper for me. No lights on the CMC-controllers would be a more serious problem for me compare to the VCA faders doesn’t get recognized.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards

Hi Fredy you can use the VCA faders with the CMV CH.But I agree it will be better with CMC FD

Thanks and I see.
What about CMC lighting? Does the led light work in Cubase PRO 8?

Best regards

Granted. I’ll check this later and place [Solved] in title for now. I don’t recall it ever not working as expected in 7.5, but if it’s good for you guys then I’m very grateful for the heads-up.

I wander if this is the same reason for the similar issue in this topic ?

Freddie - all the lighting looks fine to me.
Hope that helps.

On the thought control, I hope any neighbours don’t have ‘louder’ thoughts than us. The interference is bound to be an issue :slight_smile:

You are right though. I’m just deeply deeply upset that Steinberg dropped these units exactly at the point I bought into them and ‘realised’ they were genius ! I’m now terrifed of getting really fluent with them and then losing functionality. It’s a real shame. I recommended them to countless studios and colleagues. Having sets of controls I can litter around the studio where I want them without having to have them all stuck together in one big ugly unit is a Godsend.

Please bring them back into the fold Steiny. They really are brilliant !

Hey, Freddie.

Yup the “LED Dimmer” checkbox is still there and works in Cubase Pro 8. I have all the CMC units and they indeed become softly back-lit, just like before.


Completely agree. I’ve had so many MIDI control units in my life and they all seemed to not do it for me. I got rid of all of them, eventually.

The CMC series is perfect in almost every way. Tactile, easy to read in the dark, nicely designed graphics, layout and form, good use of colors while still being subtle, recessed in all the right areas, modular, portable, and has just the right balance of features vs non-clutter.

It’s a work of industrial engineering art. Especially considering the low price and inexpensive chassis materials.

I don’t think any controller could be engineered that would make me like it more than these little units.

Well, there is one small thing. I wish there were a QC style module without detents on the knobs; just perfectly smooth for doing smooth sweeps. You can get around this by just holding it firmly and keeping it steady as it passes each detent.

I think they’ll be supported for a long time because they piggyback on the HUI standard.

My main fear was the LED Dimmer checkbox in the Cubase menu, but it’s there in Cubase 8, so we’re safe for now.

If support ever ends in Cubase, someone (perhaps even me) may get a BOME Midi Translator (or similar) workaround happening. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

While I did initially express concern about support in 8, Jalcide’s observation about HUI support is pretty sensible, so I doubt they’ll fall off the Cubase radar anytime soon. Becuase, of course, in this business, something old isn’t necessarily bad. We just call it “vintage” and brag about ownership.

No, my main fear of the CMCs going away has nothing to do with support. It’s the fact that Stieinberg now has dropped their best of breed controller, leaving only an older model, the CC121, in that category. You know that’s not a gap that’s going to be there forever. What happens when next week, Steinberg announces yet another control surface that’s even more brilliant than the CMCs, something I just have to have, after I’ve invested in CMCs for three rooms? Argh! :slight_smile:

Dude. I am the noisy neighbor! :smiley:

Thank you all for that information my friends!

Yes, its no doubt these controls are genius. I have also high-end Yamaha 02RV2 96 Digital mixer hardware console surface in my studio that I also use. Still I use the CMC controls everyday in my studio.
CMC are so nicely integrated into Cubase platform and if they just kept develop it, it would progress even further and been even smarter controls.

CMC-Series are both smart, modern, cost effective and flexible controls.
I feel it’s pity that they ended the support for it because the company who made it went out of business. Steinberg should just continue build it with Yamaha and started a new factory themselves in China.

Have a great weekend! :wink:

Best Regards

OK, now I’m confused…

I think Steiny confirm in the title of this thread Steinberg Forums that this is an issue with the keyboard shortcut (and thus also the CMC mapped to the same command ?)

I’ve also just had it confirmed that this issue is the same using the keyboard shortcut and the CMC controller regardless of focus. This is an issue in Cubase 8 which is not in 7.5.3.

Jalcide: Please confirm that the specific function Inspector/Toggle Standard works on your CMC. I cannot find anybody else who can get this to work.
Happy to be proved wrong… just doesn’t look like it again at the moment.

In the meantime will change status of post back to previous ‘unsolved’ state. Obviously I’ll change this again should the issue be confirmed as definitely the same issue and therefore likely to be solved by Steiny soon.

I did indeed get it working in Cubase Pro 8.0.0 (was having fun playing with it like a 2 year old, watching it expand and shrink at the button press).

But … I think it was slightly more than simply giving the Arrange window and/or Inspector focus, I had to click around and muck around for a bit to get it in that “working” state.

I don’t remember what it was, but twice I noticed this. I think it was like clicking on another pane in the inspector, or, giving the inner parts of the Fader pane focus … something.

Anyway, both times, once I did this magic sequence of things, it would then consistently perform the toggling with only the Arrange window being given focus.

Update: I just got it working yet again. It’s giving the Inspector tab focus, once. After that you only have to give the Arrange window focus (until you relaunch Cubase, of course).

I have not tried a keyboard shortcut key, only a function key on my CMC AI (F3, in this case).

OK, so it makes no difference here what you do. The function Inspector/Toggle Standard does not work in cubase 8.


  • It worked fine in all other versions.
  • All other ‘toggle’ commands still work fine

The fact that all other toggle commands work fine proves taht this has nothing to do with what is or isn’t in focus and shoudl not require any playstation-esque secret sequences of isntructions.

It simply doesn’t work anymore.

Again, I hope this is sorted in the next update at the same time as they sort exactly the same malfunction of exactly the same command via keyboard shortcuts. I’m pretty confident it will so will keep fingers crossed.