CMC not working with new MacBook and Sonoma?

My CMC AI controller isn’t fully functional now.
It used to work with my older M1 Macbook with Ventura, with C13 in Rosetta mode.

…but not with this new M3 MacBook with Sonoma. (C13 still in Rosetta mode.)

Only a few of the buttons on my CMC work now.

I know this is legacy hardware, I’m just curious if anyone else has experienced the same thing?



Which buttons don’t work, please?

There ar some threads mentioning the CMC devices are working in Cubase 13.

Thanks. Definitely the AI button. And selecting between jog and volume as well, etc. It may have been all of the buttons, in fact. (I reverted to using my M1 Macbook Air with Ventura for now.)

Again, this is happening to me on a new M3 Max MacBook with Sonoma 14.1… I did a migration of my data from my old laptop to this new one. Everything else seems to work fine.

I wonder if there is a driver I need to reinstall? I don’t remember that… I know there’s CMC tools that provides software for editing…


I don’t think there is a newer driver comparison to the one, you have installed already. But of course, you can verify the firmware and driver version.

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