CMC (PD) as generic midi controller?

I’d like to use my PD to open/close insert effects 1-4 on my channels. However, these commands are only available as generic midi control commands (VST Mixer/Selectd/Sends 1/Edit) and NOT in the available in the CMC-PD Device Setup options.

Is there any way to use it as a generic midi controller? I’ve tried to set it up as one with no luck.

Wow, I’m really disappointed that this is not possible. What gives? I may return and just get an Akai LPD8 for this. So ironic that it’s made to specifically work with Cubase but cannot perform this function. If I’m wrong, please correct me!

For anyone with the same idea I had, I think a good solution for 8 pads would be an Akai LPD8.