CMC-PD help and advices please

I do not know if these questions might seem dumb, but I’ve just purchased CMC-PD and I’m not exactly what and if I’m doing wrong but it’s just not happening for me.

  1. If i open new track using Groove agent one and I use a browser to chose for instance “hardstyle Techno” kit I will have 32 pads and 32 samples on bank 3 and 4. CMC-PD has only 16 pads and sure enough I assumed that CMC-PD will mirror that on bank 3 and 4. but it doesn’t. It absolutely doesn’t correspond to that. Is that normal. If I press top left top corner pad on CMC-PD that lits on mid right pad on the Groove agent. Makes no sense whatsoever, doesn’t seem to be auto loaded and mirrored. Am I supposed to manually assign 16 pads of my choice using ‘editor’? I don’t get it. At all. Nothing nowhere to be explained how to load drum kits into CMC-PD.
    I’ve tried assigning my own, but it’s kind of silly watching Groove agent 1 playing and lightning on totally different pads then ones I’ve chosen and assigned to my pad.
    Also I was under impression that pads on CMC-PD also lit on during replay (playback) - I am NOT seeing that. Is that the way it is supposed to be or something is wrong. It’s just dark on playback excluding “on” led and dimmed lights on bottom.
    Any input on how to use the CMC-PD the best for generating beats, any learning curve is more than welcomed and highly appreciated. I couldn’t make up much from very modest advertising videos on you-tube, and manual just don’t go there much, for me as a novice this is very frustrating.
    Thanks in advance!!!

I’ve been meaning to get deeper into this, but have been putting it off for a rainy day. What you’re experiencing is normal. The Banks of the PD don’t correspond directly with the GA1. Possibly this can be realized with drum mapping or something.
The PD doesn’t light up on playback unless you route your track to it as an output. This works but is pretty bloody useless.

The PD is set up in 16 banks. Each bank is a set of contiguous MIDI note numbers i.e. Bank 4 = C1 -> D#2, Bank 5 = E2 -> G3 (I think this is mapped to GA1 correctly, but I only use PD in FKey mode)

These should actually align with GA1 assignments, but you will have to switch banks for the kit pages. To switch banks on the PD, hold shift + Pad. Bottom left is Pad 1, top right is Pad 16.

Bank 1 = GM configuration
Bank 16 = FKey functions