CMC PD - lights on all keys and SHIFT-CAPS LOCK option

Can you put the lights ON for all keys on the PD controller in the new update for CMC series controllers and SHIFT ( CAPS LOCK ) for commands programed on F - keys for other controllers ?!!!

Because the pads on the PD are touch sensitive and the amount of pressure exerted determines the intensity, having them all glow constantly would defeat the purpose, much the same as if the knobs on the QC were always lit, or the faders on the FD.

Yes - but for playing my PIANO i don"t need any light feedback , why should I need for a playing PADs ??? I need to see PADs keys in the dark studio environment because they are BLACK !!! And they also have a option like FREE PROGRAMABLE FUNCTION KEYS 1-16 and many of us are using this option !!! PLEASE LIGHTS ON ! - if is not a big problem - THANK YOU !
CMC - QC and FD have a different purpose !!!

I’d never use one for playing a piano. It was designed with Groove agent one in mind primarily, and therefore tapping pressure feedback is fundamental to its function.
Yes they can also be used as a set of programmable function keys as you state, but they are still physically touch sensors and not buttons - there is no tactile feedback (you must have noticed), and this makes them unsatisfactory to an extent as buttons especially when you also want to eliminate the visual feedback as well.

But I know what you are trying to say, and should they consider your suggestion, you must realize that this would have to be a user option, specifically for this one controller, and not a fixed operational mode like the dim function.
To that end, you’re going to need a lot more people wanting the feature you describe to have it be considered for implementation.

Dude he’s saying he doesn’t need different colored lights to tell him what velocity he’s playing like playing a piano. And that the lights would be for using the F key functions of the PD in the dark room.

Thank you JMCecil - you understand !

I know exactly what he’s saying. You have to read more than the first sentence!

I’m only saying that the request as written (no mention of ‘as an option’) would be detrimental to all those who use the unit for the purpose for which it was designed.

Geez, you are taking over for emotive in arguing about things that don’t need to be argued about.

Now, now,
no need to get insulting :astonished:
simple - just like that
this pads have a same function like CMC-PD pads !
that s all !

Hi all

I would like all lights to have an option of being lit on alll keys at a user variable dimmness as I use mine at home in an ill lit environment and would definitely like to see what the buttons are. shouldnt be too hard and if you have the ‘off’ funtionality whats the problem ?

+1 Like this too!

I get what everyone saying! No problems! :slight_smile:

Please stop insult each other. It just get a bad vibe on the forum.
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