CMC PD lights working properly?

Hi - I thought we were suppose to be able to have feedback with the lights on the PD for example if I am playing a drum track the lights on the pd should respond and also light up based on note assigned. or if I assign one of the pads on the pd to control the mute on the track when the mute is on the pad should light up and when it is off the light on the pad should turn off. This way we are able to monitor whether the mute (only using mute as example) is on or off from just looking at the pad. Right now the lights on the pad only respond when they are touched and that’s it

However, i check out some videos on youtube and they show the buttons on some of the controllers lighting up and flashing and doing some really nice stuff. How are they doing this. I cant get my lights to work unless i touch them. There seems to be no playback mode for these lights.

See example:

How in the world are they doing this?




You can use a Midi-Send for this track and select the PD as output, but without any additional fx plugin.
It works for me.

If you have cubase (not sure about the other versions), then just use a midi send to put the midi data out to the PD’s midi port - the lights light up then as you want! :smiley:

So what exactly do you select in midi sends?

The MIDI channels sends are similar to the audio sends in some respect. You can select active VST instruments, effects with MIDI inputs AND physical MIDI outputs. So the CMC device will be there on the list as a selectable MIDI output. That way you can pipe MIDI information to different devices from one MIDI channel. So the MIDI notes will trigger the drum sounds in a sample player (for example Groove Agent One) and at the same time via the send routing the information will reach the CMC PD and light up the appropriate LED.

I think you either have an exotic version of Cubase or you’re mixing up sends with routing.