CMC-PD with C13?

Hello all, I’ve been buying up some CMC units on ebay / Reverb over the last couple of months for pretty good prices. All has been well until my latest purchase, the PD, doesn’t seem to work. The function keys do and the browse function, but I can get the pads themselves to do anything on an instrument track. I’ve updated to the latest driver, checked the values that it’s meant to be sending with the PD Editor, tried all of the CMC MIDI ports but no luck.

Am doing something wrong in the setup, or has the MIDI functionality fallen over with recent releases?

In the worst case, I’m assuming it’s just a generic controller so should be able to work with Cubase somehow like any other MIDI pads - whether Generic Remote or MIDI Remote. I’d rather not have to go down the programming rabbit hole if I can avoid it, but my use case would be pretty simple, I just want to use as a controller for Groove Agent.

Many thanks, JP.

The CMCs still all work.

Test with a midi monitor. Do the pads send data at all?

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Yeah I had a button on a CMC that just stopped working from overuse (it was used for Save). Route it directly to a MIDI Track which has a MIDI Monitor on an Insert.

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Thanks both. I can see that it’s doing something as it’s sending MIDI notes if I open MIDI Remote mapping.

I’m struggling to get anything showing in a MIDI monitor though, but I suspect it’s user error. How do I route it directly to a MIDI track please @raino? This is what I’ve set up so far…


Oh man, every day’s a school day… turns out MIDI Monitor doesn’t work unless the channel is armed :person_facepalming:

OK all working now, thank you for your help both :slight_smile:

Or the Monitor Button is Enabled. Otherwise no MIDI Data can reach the Track.

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And… that’s exactly why I wasn’t getting any date on the Instrument track, before I realised I had to arm or monitor.

Funny how changing my immediate mission to “make MIDI Monitor work” was the key to the bigger challenge. I need to break stuff down more.

My next mission is “Does it always have this much latency or do I need to change a setting?”… Probably one for another day :slight_smile:

(and I’m sure a large part of the answer to that is that I’m currently just being lazy and using my laptop without an audio interface or headphones).

Are you using an ASIO driver for the Audio? Either the Generic one that comes with Cubase or ASIO4ALL?

Yes - can’t remember which - I do have proper interfaces available though…

Is there something I can do to improve it on one of those two drivers, or is one better than the other?

Well like all ASIO drivers lowering the buffer size improves latency but increases the risk of dropouts. Some folks use small buffers when recording and then increase the size once they are done tracking and start adding more CPU hungry plug-ins.

The one that performs best on your specific computer. Try 'em both and see, or…

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Thanks @raino. I will go back and do those basics! I do tend to ‘set and forget’, and then wonder why I’m getting suboptimal performance.

Hi @steve , I can see you took my SOLVED out of the title - apologies if that was the wrong markup, it’s what I’m used to from another forum.

Fwiw the solution for me wasn’t the MIDI Monitor itself, it was having to arm or monitor the track before you get any data from the controller - so @raino 's post after the MIDI monitor one was a good summary… I’m a happy forumite with a solved problem either way though :slight_smile: