CMC-PD with Groove Agent One

I was trying out GA1 with the PD as controller - works a treat! :slight_smile:

I expected the PD however to follow the recorded track on playback - i.e. that the pads would light as per the GA1 display on screen - but they don’t. Is this normal? Is there a way to have the PD display (light) the pads on playback?

Well after a bit of experimentation I found out you can, in fact, get the PD to track GA1 if you set the PD as output in the routing - but this isn’t particularly useful.

I can’t get Groove Agent One to light the PD on playback, can you explain how this is achieved ?


In this particular instance I added GA1 as a VST Instrument and created a midi track for it. I laid down a midi part.
Then in the inspector I changed the output routing from GA1 to the PD and voila, lights a flashin’. But this is what I said earlier, it’s useless cause you can no longer hear it as it’s no longer going through GA1, or whatever synth you want.

I understand now, I managed to just copy the midi note data to another midi track and output that track to the PD.

It lights with GA1 then, problem is you don’t want to create multiple midi tracks just to light the pads on the PD.

You would think that the PD would somehow track what groove agent one was doing by default, seems that would be one of the main points of having the PD in my opinion. If the unit only lights up when you trigger the pads manually then it’s bit of a let down.

NI Maschine pads track what’s recorded.

Unless I’ve not got this PD setup correctly.


Exactly, that would be redundant.

That’s exactly my point. :wink:

I think you can address the CMC-PD via a MIDI send of the track and the same time you can keep the track’s MIDI output on the Groove Agent one. This way you can have sound and visual feedback as well.

Works great here. Once I realised that Midi Sends were not shown by default on C7’s MIDI track inspector. A quick right click brought them back!

Would either of you care to elaborate on that?