CMC-QC and Cubase AL 6

i have an issue with my Steinberg CMC-QC and Cubase AL 6.
I don´t Know how to do to the knobs work.
I have seen a lot of videos and tutorials and when they have active the Q button and oprime the f/q Learn button this activate.
I don´t know if i have to upgrade to Cubase Artist 6 or Cubase 6 butt i don´t what to do it.
If someone have an answer or maybe a way to CMC-QC works it be great.

Update the drivers and tools to the newest versions, downloadable from

Its done :frowning:
Don’t work.


I’m not familiar with Cubase AL6, but the CMC comes with AI6, so it should work with that. There is an update 6.0.7 to AI6, not sure if this affects the CMC. On the other hand you might try downloading the trial version of 7.

Further than that I suggest, if the problem continues, that you use an easily reproducible example and describe step by step, the procedure you’re trying to follow.

I had this issue last year.

CMC-QC doesn’t work with the version of Cubase it comes with!! What a rip-off!!

I’m sure one of the leaflets that came with the controller even says somethng like ‘works with all versions’ or somthing just as misleading…