CMC-QC & Cubase 12: Still alive and kicking!

Just wanted to say that QC still does its job really fine.

In QC mode:

The selected track’s Track Quick Controls are readily available.

In EQ mode:

The selected track’s EQ is readily available.

In MIDI mode:

Using the new Remote Editor, I’ve assigned the encoders to Focus Quick Controls, and set them to Plug-in Focus only. It’s a very neat setup, and very very easy and intuitive. The only slight I can find is that in MIDI mode, the encoders are a bit “fast”, that is they go through the control’s range pretty quick. though the Shift button still does its job and allows for finer tuning.

Anyone else still got a CMC in Cubase 12? What’s your experience? Any tricks?


Did you get the leds in knobs to follow the values too?

I didn’t even notice that. I’ll have a careful look today and I’ll be back.

Edit: @cubace Nope, in MIDI mode the lights do whatever they’ve been told to do by the QC’s editor. (e.g. knob 3 will not light according to the actual parameter tweaked, but to the preset loaded from the editor. In this case, pan. Light max at 0, light min at 64, light max at 127.)

Possibly a silly question but, in midi mode, did you make sure you had a midi in AND out in the Remote Editor?

Yes, both in and out the first out of the 3 ports that QC creates, but no dice. A minor detail for me, I don’t give the lights much thought. I have no doubt that someone could make them work via script. I’m just using the easy surface editor thingy.

Could you please explain how did you get the QC to work in all the different modes (QC mode, EQ mode, Midi mode)? Did you map the functions one by one via MIDI Remote Editor or is there some automatic script included with Cubase?

I have a CMC QC and CMC AI and while testing the latter I didnt manage to get anywhere with even trying to assing the transport playhead scroll to the AI knob. I couldnt find any pre-existing scripts for CMC controllers in the available scripts column.

I didn’t actually do anything for the QC’s native functions. It just works in Cubase 12 as it did in previous versions.

I just made 8 knobs in a new script that listens to what’s coming in in MIDI mode. That’s it. Transport is handled through the QC’s F keys, but that’s native, I didn’t need to touch anything, it just works.

Yeah, CMC works all good here also. The problem with MIDI mode is that it does not have bi-directional support, so no feedback, works as regular knobs (not as endless encoders).

It would be awesome if we could change CMC QC from standard quick controls to focus quick controls.

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Yes, I have AI, TP, CH, QC and PD. Everything working under Cubase 12 Pro.

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