CMC-QC Editor software?

I acquired CMC-QC and I’m looking to find the CMC-QC Editor software.

I downloaded the TOOLS for CMC 1.1.3 · 18.3 MB from and ran the installer.
There does not appear to be any choices while running the setup and when it is complete all I have installed is the Steinberg CMC-PD Editor.
I retried my steps and no different.

I have Mac 10.11.6
Cubase 9.0.30 (latest update)

Thank you

Out of curiosity I just installed it on my Windows 10 computer and I was given a choice.
The CMC-QC Editor easily installed on Windows 10!

Ok Installer automatically installs all three CMCs on the Mac and puts the launch icons in different locations.
The CMC-PD was last on App list as all new software usually is and should be. The CMC-QC was random location on first page.