CMC-QC EQ not working - Nuendo 7


Trying out my new CMC tools and so far everything is working great except the EQ feature on the QC.

All the other functions of the controller seem to work fine.

I’ve searched these forums and noticed that other people were having this issue with Cubase 7 but apparently it was fixed for them.

Does this functionality exist for Nuendo? I bought this controller assuming that was the case and I’m a little bummed it’s not working.

any help would be appreciated. thanks.

have you tried to download and install the latest firmware for the QC ?

thanks for your response.

I did update the firmware this morning, currently on 1.10 for the QC

sorry have you tried the 1.1.2 tools as well ?

ah, nice, i overlooked that.

You, sir, are the Mayor of AwesomeTown. I’ll updated now and post with results.

cool , it does work a treat as well my friend :wink: