CMC-QC for XP64?

I know, I know – it’s not officially supported, but does anyone know a way to at least install the software for XP64 to test it myself (ie: without getting the ‘cannot be run on this OS’ message)?

XP64 seems to be the only Win OS that isn’t supported.

I’m trying to move over to Win7 but it’s proving a very difficult task, especially as I’m nearly always at a vital stage in a track and can’t risk moving to Win7 in case anything should go wrong.

Also, Reason is refusing to run alongside Cubase in Win7 and I really can’t work out how to fix it, so I’m stuck on XP64 and can’t use my CMC!

You’d need the proper driver (Yamaha USB-MIDI driver). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be one for Win XP64.
Whatever you do, DON’T try to install the Vista or 7 driver, unless you want a really unstable computer.

Welcome to Win XP64. The driver support was/is horrible (from everyone).

How is it not working?

Yeh, it’s a shame – I like the OS.

I’m happy to move to Win 7 64 though – boots quickly, seems pretty good too – apart from the issue with Reason 5.

Every time I try to open up Reason alongside Cubase I get an error telling me that Reason can’t install certain files to the system [paraphrasing] and it doesn’t start. It’s fine on its own though so must be a rewire thing.

I tried some tips I found around the web such as deleting certain files from the syswow64 folder. After an hour or two of frustration Reason suddenly worked…once! Then broke again.

I have Win 7 ultimate and it seems to be completely and ridiculously locked down – like it’s made most of the files on my PC read-only!

I’ve been reading up on how to take the Windows security level down so I’ll try that next time I’m in the studio and see if it fixes Reason/Rewire.