CMC QC - Learn mode?

I own a CMC QC and I’m seriously disappointed by the learn mode.

It only works with Steinberg plugins and the Cubase itself, but I can’t make it learn about other plugins… :angry:

Can you imagine how much I would love it to control SSL Native Channel, u-he Diva or 2caudio Aether?

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known limitation? I have to add that multiclick - learning quick controls DOES work, but this is really cumbersome and breaks my workflow a lot. :frowning:


You can learn and control with CMC QC any VST2.4 or VST3 instruments and plugins parameter. You can also learn any thing inside Cubase 7 help of the “Quick controls” example Sends, PAN, Volume or any other parameter.

Many parameters are already setup default as soon as you selected it like Kontakt 5, Massive, 3part EQs etc…

Best Regards