CMC-QC vs CC121

The CC121 does ALMOST everything the full range of the CMC series does, give or take.

It has a control mode, of being able to use all the EQ pots on the CC121 in Quck COntrol Mode…It does all transport controls, has a great quality fader (apllicable for every channel you select) Its got the majority of features of the cmc series, apart from the Pad control, and layer switching…also the CC121 is fixed in as much as what you see is whats asssigned, with the CMC series you can assign things to suit your needs…

If you want a great controller for Cubase, buy the Cc121, and add on what you would use the most. (ie, more rotaries, or need Drum pads etc…

Discoworx is right. And, as a completely biased user and fan of the CC121, the CMC products look geared to an almost a consumer market rather than the professional market. Its ashame that Steinberg has all but abandoned the CC121 in terms of updates and new features.

Wrong way to go bro…if you really USE Cubase…Nothing can touch the CC121…You have QC mode, press 2 buttons together, and you go into QC mode…as for support, It WILL be surpported for a LONG time yet…Steinebrg dont need to further develope the CC121 as (I speak for myspelf here tho) It DOES everything I need it to do…

The CC121 has made working with Cubase a JOY, and replaces about 60% of the actions I would do with a mouse, in an instant…If your getting it cheap.I advise you to grab it!.. :wink:

I can fully support the above. It’s not perfect, most notably the acceleration of the pots could use some tweaking, but it’s taken SO much effort away from mousing it’s incredible. It took a little while, but I really wouldn’t want to go without it now.

That’s true, I love my CC121 too. But the CMCs have a better chance for future additions and updates.

If you look at how much updates and new features we’ve got for the CMC series compared to the CC121 lately then I’d say that the CC121 is a dead product from Steinberg’s perspective. I’ll doubt that we’ll see an updated driver for Windows 8 or for the next OSX version, let alone new features (I’d love to see the REAPER features added).

I don’t think that I’d spend such an amount of money today for a depreciated product (especially if you look at Steinberg’s hardware product history).