CMC Quick Control Mapping


Mac OS 10.7.4 / Cubase 6.5.3 / QC panel here.

Can someone clarify the QC Learn function for me please?

On an Audio track with say the Mono Delay inserted, is it meant to be as simple as bring up the delay window, enter QC Learn Mode, hover the mouse over the desired control, and turn the desired Pad Knob?

I can’t get that to work at all…

I can open the Cubase Inspector Pane, Open the Quick Control section, click in the panel to create the Quick Control, right click ( I think) to drill down to the plug in’s control listing and assign it. Then the QC panel knob controls it.

Not quick though.

I can also put the Cubase Quick Control panel into it’s Learn Mode and turn a plug in control to assign it. The Panel will then drive it too.

But how to assign from the Panel itself…?

Thanks in advance


Got back to this issue this weekend … and solved it.

I occasionally use a Novation Automap controller with Automap V4 . Seems if a plug in has been wrapped to use Auto map the CMC Learn function doesn’t work.

Disable automap for the plugin (using auto map prefs) and the CMC Learn function works.


I haven’t used the QC that much but i assume it’s something with the wrapped VST 3 plug-ins because i have some other weird behaviour when i try to use the mouse on wrapped plug-ins: i cant click and drag (on a rotary knob)to change value… only use the mousewheel or type the value… if i un-wrap the plug-in it works fine… but i haven’t made any report to Novation about it but will notify them a.s.a.p… as a Beta tester i think it will be somewhat easier to get through.
Nice to hear you solved the issue but it’s bad it doesn’t work in conjunction with the CMC’s.

Thanks for notifying Novation!

It’s nice when everything works together!