CMC series and Cubase 7

Totally new design and looking more sleek than ever, but nowhere to be found any mention about integration of the CMC controller… I’ve seen the CC121 being mentioned and the all new Yamaha Nuage…

Anybody seen any notes on this?

Definitly a dealbreaker for me. If upgrade or not…

Hehe… Thanks Smedberg ( from Sweden possibly?) for the link… should have looked there before posting

yes… it would certainly be weird if Steinberg let go of such a new product as the CMC… development and stuff costs tremendous amount of money and i guess the sales were’nt that great what it could have been… But what’s interresting to speculate about is the new way Cubase seems to handle a lot of stuff maybe is made with the CMC’s in mind and how coding them works… to be able to do more with the CMC hardware that were impossible before…
lika adressing inserts, edit effect parameters etc.
…and i guess sales would shoot to the sky if the integration were improved.

But I’ll upgrade to C7 either way… most stuff when you die win’s… right? :wink:

Greetings; I think that the CMC controllers may integrate very well with Cubase 7, for instance, the function keys can be paired with that new scene memory feature to facilitate zipping quickly back and forth between preferred scene layouts.

On the QC, where there are 4 funtion keys that don’t need the shift key, this could be extremely fast.

Either way, i’m already sold on C7, just looking at the new mixer features.