cmc-tp button back-lights - brightness

I have a cmc-tp that I haven’t used for quite a while. I just plugged it in, and it’s working fine, but I don’t understand the behavior of the button lights. When I check the “LED dimmer” box in Studio / Steinberg CMC Series, it does what I think it should. All the buttons stay lit, very dimly. But when I uncheck the box, all lights are totally off, except when pressed. Is that right? I would prefer them to be lit brighter - I have a hard time seeing them when lit dimly. Any way to make that happen?

Cubase 10.5, CMC tools V114, firmware update V111. When I run the firmware updater, it tells me that I have v1.10, which is the latest for the CMC-TP.

BTW, I really like this little panel. It’s small enough to fit on my crowded desk, and does quite a lot of useful stuff.

This behaviour is correct. It would be nice to have the ability to increase the brightness but I find that lowering the ambient lighting helps. Originally, when the CMCs were first introduced, they had no dimming feature at all, it was a firmware update if I remember.