CMC-TP Discontinued?

ah i’m having the best timing ever. I just bought the AI, QC and the PD in thoughts of Steinberg maybe improving their potential later on… but no.

Of course I cant tell Steinberg how to run their company but I sure wish I hadnt bought these now after reading about discontinuation. These products are, what… two years old now and they’re already discontinued?

Odd isn’t it. Yet the CC121 which is an older product is still being flogged.

Just to chime in - I clicked on Steve’s link on page 1 and it also gave me all the info & options right up to ‘Add To Cart’ and takes me to ‘Your Shopping Cart’ & to ‘Proceed’ if I want to.

The only thing that is different is the shipping isn’t free, as displayed on the site.

But that’s probably because I’m in Western Canada and the free shipping is most likely for the US as the price shows in USD.

But still looks available here.

I got mine about 6 months ago at the local music shop for $99.00 CAD though, which is cheaper. :smiley:

Hmm, could this be “dumping”?

They are not ‘In’ the web SHOP on the .net/en/shop site and there is no ‘Buy Now’ on the product info for them.

Sounds like it’s location specific regarding any remaining stock, most likely then.

Incidently, who actually manufactures the CMC’s for Steinberg? It wouldn’t by any chance be the German company, Wergin and Korfhage,WK-Audio who produced the ID-CONSOLE for Nuendo 6? they look very similar in finish. They ceased trading at the begining of this year (2014)

“ID-CONSOLE by WK AUDIO is one of the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Steinberg’s Media Production software NUENDO, ID-CONSOLE ensures unprecedented levels of integration. The unique versatility and advanced usability concept make ID-CONSOLE suitable for any audio work, including post production, music tracking, broadcast and sound design. The ID-CONSOLE is made of premium hardware components. Precision engineered and hand-built in Germany, ID has been designed with absolute attention to detail, to give you not only full control but also absolute transparency in your project. ID-CONSOLE is fully compatible with Nuendo 6 (6.04 and higher) and Cubase 7 (version 7.04 and higher)”

Wow!!! :open_mouth:

Just look at that f 'n thing!

My head hurts now.

Good thing my wallet doesn’t too.

I don’t have the space nor the money for that thing, whatever it may cost! :unamused:

And hand-made?

Can you say, “Ka-ching!”?

They’re manufactured in China by Yamaha Corp.; says so on the boxes. :wink:

Fair doo’s :wink:

I sympathize. I love my CC121 and wish it were updated more. To Steinberg’s credit, they did bring back Houston and Midex, which were VERY old products indeed.

FINALLY, a response from Steinberg. Very unprofessional and after all these months.

Do you mean they brought back support for them?

Not really. They released unofficial, unsupported drivers for the midex that enabled them to work in 64-bit long after they were discontinued. Unofficial but completely functional in my case anyway :slight_smile:

Well that’s much better than nothing… hopefully the drivers continue to work for a long time.

I’m not sure how I missed this sub-forum, and the news that the hardware has been discontinued, before just now purchasing 4 units (at very good prices).

Oh, I know why … there’s zero indication of that fact on the Steinberg main website’s product pages, that I reviewed before purchasing. :unamused:

I get it. I understand why the pages are still up, but it’s still irksome.

Not sure knowing this fact would have dissuaded me. I have a hunch the controllers will continue to work without much development effort from engineering.

But even without any effort from engineering, if they coded it right, DAW features would have been highly decoupled from the controller messages, in the code, and are likely highly isolated from concerns with each other.

As for the whole Windows / Mac USB driver support concern, hopefully those will survive, as well.

My only fear there, is that both Windows and OS X are going through major architectural changes for the sake of the mobile, desktop unification.

There is, however, some hope Steinberg will do the right thing and honor its obligation to at least provide bare-minimum support.

I decided to double-down and get the full CMC series before they’re gone, completely. The fader units are still available from some sellers in Japan, for some reason.

They’re great little units.

I have faith they’re going to be supported and if not, there’s always Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

I’ve confirmed that they show up and transmit messages that can be manipulated by Bome MT. So going out of the CMCs is straightforward.

As for getting back in the CMCs (for bidirectional feedback), reverse engineering the messages they respond to might be trickier, but not impossible.

Worst case scenario, I’ve got a rack of PCs, so even if the drivers are not supported in some future OS version, or even in Cubase itself, I’ll be able to dedicated a cheap 1U rack build to Win 7 and re-route the MIDI messages out physical MIDI cables to Cubase where they could be mapped via a Generic Remote (a reason to hang on to those old Win 7 licenses before they’re all gone – as Microsoft doesn’t sell Win 7 anymore).

No promises, but if Steinberg drops support and I end up creating some useful Bome MT patches, I’ll be sure to share them here – unless Steinberg drops this forum, altogether. :laughing:

Folks, we’re living in a modern dystopia were technology somehow gets uninvented. Stuff we used to have, that was good, goes away.

Disappointing as I think more development and advancement could have been made with these units. I ended up ditching my FD units and brought back my old Houston. Going up on Ebay shortly. The automation curves draw way smoother using the Houston faders, plus I get 8 LED track names. Keeping the other units for now, but might unload those as well.

Looks like everything that worked with Cubase and its CMC controllers, and those things that didn’t, stays unchanged in 7.5.30. So, that’s good. I’ll take it.

The lack of AI working for many of Cubase’s params is still annoying. Some are just begging for AI, too. Like the track time shift slider “delay”. Of all the ones to not work… to be able to close your eyes and focus on the groove, while shifting the time with the knob is the kind of thing control surfaces were designed for.
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