CMC-TP Slider Mode Acting Up

Hey all,

I just purchased a CMC-TP and haven’t even gotten used to it yet, and now the slider mode is acting funny.

It’s almost impossible to switch to any of the 6 modes with the exception of Zoom, which seems ok.

The first time I used it, it was easy to switch modes - now harder than normal pressure doesn’t even help. [Obviously I don’t want to hit it too hard.]

Everything else works.

I still have another 3 weeks or so of my 30 day return window & I’m really wanting to like this unit and wish to keep it, but I’m wondering if any one else has had this trouble?

Is this a known fault, a bad unit, or a software issue?

I doubt it’s the latter, because as I said, everything else works. There’s no cutting it & out between Cubase 7 & it with any of the other buttons.

For the record, I had HALion 5 open when it happened.

Any help would be great.

Thanks Buds,


Very strange James? :unamused:

Its working perfectly here without any violence. Make sure you actual pressing down the “SLIDER MODE”-button when you change the modes with help of your finger.

There are six different mode. You need to press the finger on six different places on the “Touch display”, from left to right to change between the modes.

Best Regards

Thanks Freddie.

Yes, I’ve tried all these things you’ve mentioned.

I have since come to realize that not only is there a USB driver ‘1.12’ for this in the CMC Tools download area, but there is also a firmware update version as well. ‘1.11’.

When I installed, I mistook the ‘1.11’ version as an older version of the same ‘1.12’ version, and discarded it, not realizing that they are separate tools.

I’m going to try that again now, installing both.

I’ll post my results later tonight.

Ok, so I’ve re-installed this driver again, and I also did the firmware update this time.

It showed that it was @ Version 1.00, so I went for the update.

But even before I did that update the unit seemed to be working again - meaning the 6 slider mode options, that is, with a very light touch of pressure again.

So I hope that’s all it will take, as it’s a very handy little device, to say the least.

[I had a Presonus Faderport once, but countless instability troubles caused me to return it while I still could.]

And even though some of the same options are on the keyboard, I don’t necessarily have room for a full keyboard & mouse set up when I sit at the piano & record.

But this thing is small enough that it has it’s own little space there & sits perfectly within reach.

So here’s hoping all is well from now on with it.