CMC-TP Stop button

Please, I’d like to know if CMC-TP Stop button behaves this way (from the Cubase manual):

If “Return to Start Position on Stop” is deactivated, the
project cursor will remain at the position where you stop
Pressing Stop again will return the project cursor to the position where
recording or playback last started.

i.e. when pressing Stop twice, will the project cursor return to the position where
recording or playback last started?



I would think so.

This is a preference within Cubase. Everything I have connected to control Cubase externally follows the preference. (My Frontier TranZport and MCU)

Many thanks. I’d like to know for sure though (just seen the manual, it doesn’t mention that).


Hello Paolo,

Yes it does with play. I didn’t check this with recording. Will let you know when I’m back in the office.



Thank you Chris! Waiting for the complete answer.