CMC updating procedure question

i recently purchased all 6 CMC units and was wondering if it is essential to remove all USB DEVICES ( except mouse and keyboard, as i install the units. i have every USB port in use & was hoping to plug each device into the USB powered hub to install each one. i have a very cramped space

yes or is it strongly recommended to have all other USB devices unplugged?


I do no believe it is required to install each device separately upon initial installation but if you are updating firmware each device must be done separately. Also, as with many USB devices, it is recommended that you install the Yamaha MIDI/USB driver first (I know this is obvious so I apologize for what is probably an unnecessary comment). Have fun with the new controllers!

for updating the firmware it’s recommended that you plug the devices one by one directly on the computer!

thanks , i will do it one by one as you guys indicate

Most USB devices shouldn’t interfere with the update - USB keyboard and mouse are no-brainers, hubs too, should pose no problems. Obviously any device using the Steinberg Yamaha driver should be disconnected as already stated, I would also disconnect any devices concerned with MIDI.
Consider too, if you follow the update instructions to the letter, disconnecting everything on USB except mouse and Keyboard, your chances of success are maximized, and should the update prove unsuccessful or exhibit any errors, there are no open questions that perhaps this or that device might have caused said corruption.