Cmd-clicking the "piano" in a separate Key Editor window doesn't actually activate the window

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create more than 1 track (second track only for testing purposes).
  2. Record some midi notes onto the top track.
  3. Open the recorded region into a Key Editor window (not the inline editor, separate window).
  4. Activate the Project Window.
  5. Cmd + click on a key in the Key Editor piano roll for one of the recorded notes, so that note is selected.
  6. Observe that the title bar is not activated.
  7. Press down arrow.
  8. Observe that it changes track in the Project Window.

Expected behaviour: When clicking any element inside the Key Editor, it is expected that the Key Editor window is activated. It should not be necessary to click the title bar or white space to activate the window.

This is probably related to a general bug in Nuendo/Cubase design of macOS windows handling, where clicking certain elements in both the Project window or other windows’ doesn’t actually activate the window.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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