Cmd Zoom interferes with selecting notes, rests, etc

Greetings, When selecting a notehead, rest, etc, for editing, via Cmd and click with the mouse, the zoom feature via Cmd + scroll with the mouse gets in the way. That is, it zooms in and then out since I have selected objects. I have read the article regarding a similar situation for Cubase where it was recommended to disable the mouse scroll in Mac. First, I don’t see this possibility in Mac OS. Also, this occurs exclusively in Dorico. Is there any way to turnoff or disable the Cmd-scroll to zoom feature in Dorico?–It is not needed since there are alternatives for zooming such as Z or X, or, Cmd - or Cmd =. Kindly, please advise when you can… Happy Easter! Have joyous Holiday!

If it happened exclusively in Dorico, Cubase would not have given instructions how to stop it. I imagine not holding down CMD until one is ready to click might be helpful.

Thank you Derrek…I meant Dorico is the only program on my Mac…that is, in any other program/app --on my computer–, there is no zoom shortcut with Cmd + scroll…Anyway, I have known this for a while and was just asking if there was a way switch it off. I will take your advice…thanks again.

My memory might be playing tricks on me, but I seem to recall that using Cmd + scroll to zoom used to be more common across Mac applications than it is now.

I have found the following (on the Mac versions):

Some websites, such as Google Maps, use Cmd + scroll to zoom.
OpenOffice uses Cmd + scroll to zoom.
Firefox browser uses Opt + scroll to act like the forward and back buttons.
Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word use Ctrl + scroll to zoom.
Adobe Acrobat Reader uses Opt + Cmd + scroll to zoom.

One thing I have observed is that in Dorico on a Mac, while Cmd + scroll zooms in and out, Shift + scroll (up and down) scrolls quickly to the left and the right. OpenOffice does also.

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Thanks Steven. Perhaps this was in the past but I only use/have two of items from your list, Firefox and Adobe which do not have a Cmd + scroll shortcut to zoom.
However, I am always happy to tale away something and the Shift + scroll in Dorico for moving left and right that you mentioned wins the prize! So thanks again… God bless.

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