cntrl n > enter command

I’m a keycommand type of guy and there are sone things that could be better/different.
First off all, when you use the ctrl N command (create new) to create a new wav file, it would be great that if you press enter it would make a new file. Now you have to click on the button, enter doesn’t work.
Same goes for render, it would be great to not actually click the button, but simply press enter.

I’m not sure about PC but on Mac, I can press CMD + Return to start a file render instead of pressing the Render button in the ribbon tab.

PG, did you see this topic? This morning I was working on a session where I had to do a lot of ctrl c n v commands but I always had to click the button instead of pressing enter. This is pretty annoying… :confused:

As Justin mentioned, you need to press CMD + Return, not only Return.


I understand, but why not not just enter, like in all windows programs and how it suppossed to work pre WL9?

why not not just enter, like in all windows programs

Return is used in dialogs, to confirm a choice. In WaveLab too. But the Ribbon Render controls is not a traditional dialog.
“Return” is “too easy” to do in a variety of context (eg. confirm value in list). Hence is safer.
You can also render from the File tab, but for consistency with the Ribbon, Ctrl + Return is used here too.


Yes, ctrl enter starts rendering, but the render screen stays on top and you have to close it. doesn’t make sense to me.

That might be true, but if you press “A” to show the Render ribbon tab you can make all your settings there, then press CTL/CMD + Return to start the render and there is no window to close. I actually haven’t even done a render in WL9 by pressing the Render button on the master section to go to bigger render screen. I think everything can be done from the ribbon tab and all in all, is very fast. I like it more than the 8.5 way.