Cntrl P/ Pool Issue

For some reason when i search my one shots through the pool I get pops at the end of each one shot… I can run the program no pops click heavy loads no issue, just the pool creates a pop click at the end of each sample i preview… any idea how to fix?

im on win7 64 bit with 32 bit cubase… i have had this issue since day one… its happens only in the pool. my soundcard is dekstop konnekt 6, but i feel the problem is the pool only… media bay does not do this.


There is only one thing in my mind. It looks like pop between finish point and starting point of the file. But I’m not sure, when the Pool stops playing. This could happend, when the Pool plays the last one sample, jumps to the start, and plays for example first one, or just few samples. But I don’t know, why should do this.

that is exactly right and i cannot get it to stop.

What happens if you insert the samples into the project? Depending on how they were recorded, this could be a normal function.

once i drag to arragnement their fine.